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This year’s theme is: 'It’s all about Connection.' Humans are social beings and the essence and meaning in our lives is found in the connections we share with each other, with our family/whānau members and within our communities. These relationships have the power to build us up or to tear us down and the roots of addiction are frequently found in the breakdown of important relationships – often early in life.
Those of us working with people affected by addiction can offer hope by supporting them to strengthen their connections. Whether it is a connection to their whānau, their culture, their spirituality, pro-social community activities, or a deeper connection to themselves, we can help people uncover a multitude of positive opportunities at any part of their recovery journey. We want to hear how you are making this happen. Be part of the event that brings together over a quarter of Aotearoa’s addiction workforce.
Make sure that you are in the running to share your expertise to inspire others by submitting an abstract to present. We want to hear what you are doing to shape person-centred services and systems that understand the importance of connection.
All abstracts are subject for inclusion in the Cutting Edge programme will be published prior to the conference. If you do not wish to have your abstract printed, please advise us at time of submitting your abstract.
All presenters will be required to pay the relevant registration fee to attend Cutting Edge and to meet their own travel and/or accommodation costs.

top 5 abstracts for abstract award - in no particular order

Connecting corrections clients to support and recovery options

Michelle Coyne & Adria Turley, Odyssey

Champions of recovery

Dave Burnside & Mark Cowan, Odyssey

BIG DATA – connections and correlations – what makes a difference in client outcomes?

Mark Wallace-Bell, CareNZ

MANAVATION – Connections not corrections

Aimee & Turaukawa Bartlett, Turaukawa Barlett Consultancy &

Darion Williams, Paeroa College


Rolf Remin, Living Independent Navigating Communities (LINC)