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dapaanz consumer scholarship

dapaanz offers 10 Scholarships for people with lived experience of addiction or family members (including those in designated consumer, family and peer roles), who wish to attend the Cutting Edge Conference.  Succcessful applicants will receive a complimentary registration and a ticket for the Oscarz Awards conference dinner.


Applications have now closed

due to the genorosity of Te Rau Matatini -  dapaanz has awarded 10 additional scholarships and 21 in total (10 sponsored by Te Rau Matatini)


health promotion agency registration scholarships

HPA offers 7 Scholarships from people involved in addiction treatment who wish to attend the Cutting Edge conference but who would otherwise be unable to due to financial constraints.  This includes addiction workers (including those in consumer, family and peer worker roles) and people in training/study.  These scholarships have now been allocated and are closed.