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poster guidelines

poster display guidelines

Posters on display

Please click here for details.


Setup / Pack up

Please have your poster setup up before 12.45pm Thursday 19 September.  Access to the poster board is from 8.30am Thursday.  

Please remove items between 2pm - 4pm Friday.


Duration of poster session

The poster session will be held during the lunch breaks on Thursday & Friday.  You are welcome to be at your poster during the morning & afternoon tea breaks.


Space provided for poster

Poster boards are free standing boards, size of 2m high by 1m wide.  (portrait style).  Given the space restrictions computers/monitors or small tables in front of the poster boards cannot be used.  Should you have flyers we recommend bringing brochure holders that can be part of your poster display that go on the poster board or you can hand them out.   (brochure holders may be hired, plse contact for details)


What to bring

As well as your poster, bring velcro or pins to attach the poster.   Brochure holders for flyers or business cards, or you can hand these out.  (or ensure you pre order you brochure holder).


What to expect during the posters presentations

Please remain by your poster ready to discuss your work.  Delegates are invited to talk to those presenting work of interest to them.  When in a conversation with someone, others may also be interested, please be aware of and welcome others who may also maybe interested and have questions about your work.

Tips for posters

  • Design - posters should be visually appealing
  • Readable – fonts are big enough from a distance
  • Understandable – the big picture, minimise jargon
  • Logically organised – creates the story and uncluttered
  • To the point – highlight the important components
  • Colourful – use of colourful text and/or photos
  • Visually engaging – attracted with large, clear graphs, photos or other images
  • Conversational in nature – text is framed in a language that is appropriate for a walking, interested reader.
  • Handouts may be useful for reference, further details, and contact information.


Poster Competitions

Dapaanz Best Poster Award, best poster contribution to clinical practice.  This year conference attendees get to vote for best poster.  The Best Poster Award Trophy will be presented at the last session on Friday.


Matua Raḵi New and Emerging Researchers Award

In encouraging the emerging addiction research workforce and recognising  the value of evidence into practice, Matua Raḵi is pleased to support the New and Emerging Researcher Award. This $500 cash award will be presented for an oral or poster presentation at Cutting Edge carried out by an individual or group who have undertaken a research initiative.