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cutting edge 2019 ‘looking back, moving forward.’

Trauma has a huge impact on the developing child. In fact, adverse childhood experience is a strong predictor of increased risk of adult health and social problems including addictions, mental health and physical illnesses.  

The source of addictions is not to be found in genes but in the early childhood environment (Dr Gabor Mate 2009). 

It is important as we work with people affected by addiction that we consider the role of trauma and can facilitate a looking back so the person and whānau can move forward.  

18 - 21 September, Cordis Hotel, Auckland

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Rau Ika Mai - written & performed by Unity Jayne Wara                                                                                             



The Cutting Edge addictions conference is New Zealand’s key addiction treatment gathering providing an excellent opportunity for the addiction sector to get together, to network, and to learn about and embrace innovative thinking and practice.



Thanks to the Health Promotion Agency and Ministry of Health and other sponsors for their generous support of Cutting Edge







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dapaanz Excellent Contribution to Addiction Practice award 2018

There are outstanding New Zealanders who contribute to the recovery of those affected by addiction in multiple ways. Research, science, and policy when translated into clinical practice make a considerable contribution to the service-user experience. Also, health and allied health professionals and people in the community, who walk alongside the person on their recovery journey, contributing to the best possible outcomes. The ‘Dapaanz...

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